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Do you know what is Cheating ? or Fraud

Meaning of Cheating which benefits people other than yourself

Also, you will find some good examples of people which are known to the common people as cheating but in reality they are helping others.

Blogger Vipul Patel and Udita Patel from Harrow arranged discussion about. How someone can find out about their best living standard. Also you will find lots of this activities know are fraud in our society which are not legally crime. You will find lots of examples in history were people are cheating to some and getting benefits out of it.

Most important for us is to know why someone is cheating?

Is he not able to survive or someone is bothering him very badly, so he/she has to make decision which make them to do act like cheating.

It is very much required to discuss the matter of the so called fraud of TWO women who have been convicted of £39,000.  Sheila Smith.  It is stated that thousands of pounds were claimed in income support and housing benefits between February 2008 and March 2003.

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